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ASHRA is a government-owned company and is the only Israeli company in its sector.

ASHRA was established in 1957 to encourage exports from Israel, to help minimize political and commercial risks, to raise export financing for the mid and long terms (from one year and up to 15 years) and to finance Israeli investments abroad. ASHRA’s policies are fully backed by a state guarantee.

ASHRA operates mainly in developing countries, characterized by a high level of commercial and political risks, concerns that agreements will not be honored, and suffering from claims and difficulties in the transfer of funds. ASHRA is involved in significant part of the mid and long-term export transactions to developing countries. Most of the insured countries are located in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. At the end of 2010, ASHRA’s insurance portfolio included export transactions of more than $1 billion in various fields such as industry, infrastructure, medical equipment, energy, communications, agriculture, security equipment, planning and engineering services.

ASHRA also offers an insurance of Israeli exports to industrialized and developed countries. ASHRA provides Israeli exporters with a wide range of insurance solutions and advice, enabling them to minimize risks, to receive financing and to immediately recognize income.

Insurance Coverage
The insurance coverage is up to 95% against political risks and up to 90% against commercial risks.

Political risks
• War, overthrows, turmoil.
• Expropriation, nationalization, confiscation.
• Limitations on foreign currency conversion and transfers.

Commercial risks
• Bankruptcies or continued inability to make payments.

ASHRA provides Israeli exporters with coverage at the highest standards, similar to those used in the leading OECD member countries.

’s clients include Israel’s leading exporters, involved in large, complicated and unique transactions, mostly to developing countries that are marked by an unstable economic and political environment with high credit risks. ASHRA provides the optimal insurance and financing solution for each transaction, enabling the exporter to confidently seal the transaction and to convert the credit sale into cash.

Adjustment to Changing Situations
During the last few years, there has been a clear change in target markets for Israeli exports, matched by a shift from political risks to commercial risks. ASHRA has adjusted itself to these changes, both from the standpoint of insurance products and assistance offered to the exporter, and from the standpoint of the ability to analyze and estimate risks. The range of tools has expanded and perfected, and ASHRA became more inclined to insure risks that were not covered in the past. Insurance amounts increased, the rates of coverage grew, the range of buyers entitled to coverage expanded, and countries which were considered off-limits, were opened up to the Israeli exporter.

Agreements and International Contacts
As part of this trend, during the last years framework agreements have been signed with financial and commercial institutions in a number of countries, including Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, China, Vietnam, South Africa, USA and others. These agreements established a financial infrastructure, enabling ASHRA to efficiently insure financing of credit provided to buyers, which in the past could not be carried out due to the low financial credibility of such buyers.

ASHRA is an Export Credit Agency typically found in most developed countries. ASHRA is also a member of the Berne Union of foreign trade risk insurance companies, and has close working relations with international organizations, such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the International Monetary Fund, embassies and foreign attaches. ASHRA provides assistance under mutual insurance agreements with other ECA institutions worldwide.

ASHRA’s contacts, knowledge and experience, earned in over 50 years of undertakings, enable it to offer its clients sophisticated financial and insurance solutions. The company enables the Israeli exporter to match the financial terms offered to those offered by its competitors around the world and thus to increase the competitive edge of Israeli products in the international market place.

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